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Lindenwood Cemetery

Lindenwood Cemetery

Lindenwood Cemetery

2324 W. Main Street
Fort Wayne
(260) 432-4542


A natural grove of linden trees inspired the name ‘Lindenwood’ when the cemetery was incorporated in 1859. John Chislett, an English architect who had trained in Bath, designed Lindenwood Cemetery in the 18th-century picturesque style, with winding roads creating a park-like setting. His original plan remains intact as one of Indiana’s oldest designed landscapes. The land’s natural topography, with wooded ravines and gently rolling hillocks, adds to the cemetery’s picturesque qualities. Lindenwood’s first superintendent, John Doswell, who had been active as a landscape architect in England, created grottoes, gazeboes, and small stone bridges that today provide interesting vista points. The Romanesque Revival chapel was designed by local architects Wing and Mahurin in 1895.

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